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I own a small business. Why should I consider a Managed IT Service?

Sure! “Managed IT” solutions may sound specially made for big companies, but the truth is that managed services focus on the needs of any size business. By offering the basic services that keep any size business running, Hexagon will help you save time, money and help a small company get the most out of its regular work day. Don’t wait to break something to start taking care of your IT assets.

What does the Network and Wiring services include?
If I have a problem related to Computer Maintenance, will you come to my office?
I already have a tech support. How can you help me?
I’m opening my company and I need a fast Complete Business Setup. In how many days you can conclude the process?
What type of Data Backup Plans do you recommend?
What is a VOIP system?
Why should I install a video conferencing system?
What are the advantages for a business to use surveillance cameras?
I also need to install outdoor protection, like alarm systems and access systems. Do you offer this kind of services too?

I am very interested in your Technology Solutions. How can I connect with your team?

Please feel free to provide us with your contact information with the form provided or call us at 1-407-432-3866. We look forward to hearing from you.

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